My Safe Haven 501c3

The trafficking situation is harming our entire country but we will start right here in Michigan and move to other states and countries as we grow. This is a global epidemic and it’s not just happening in foreign countries but right here in our own country. In 2012 the United States was named the top source, destination and transit country for men, women and children, US and foreign nationalities which was subjected to forced labor, involuntary servitude, sex trafficking and debt bonding. This is due to under reporting of the crime and the clandestine nature of human trafficking it has become most difficult to determine just where these horrific crimes are taking place in the US.

The Department of State lists California, New York and Texas as the top 3 states with the highest rate of trafficking. Here in Michigan the rate of sex trafficking is increasing because on average a sex trafficker can make $40,000 or more on one victim during the course of her imprisonment, now multiply that by thousands. This situation is getting worse by the day, the month and year until we as a nation put a stop to this diabolical plan to destroy our country.

This trafficking situation is harming our entire country but we can only start right here in Michigan and move to other states and countries as we grow. We are in direct communication with other states and countries in the event someone from Michigan ends up in their area, and we accomplish that through Social media, phone contact, email, etc. People see things but they are afraid to say anything, what we do is encourage them through our organization to step up and speak out because it could be a relative or loved one of theirs. We offer confidentiality to all callers. We have a 24 hour hotline that takes the confidential calls, and once we receive a call we act on them immediately.

We are searching the streets, bars, strip clubs, wherever we may find our victims. We solicit volunteers from our churches and we are in direct contact with the police departments throughout the city. We need the funding to expand our search in this trafficking epidemic to other cities and countries. We have teamed up with a nonprofit group in England and Grenada (West Indies) in the search for our missing and exploited children.
The reasons for the funding request is expansion, we are small now but we have had a great impact on people’s lives. We have assisted in the rescue of 3 children all of whom were young ladies right here in Detroit, that may seem like a small number but was very significant in the families lives that was impacted. We need housing, transportation, more phone lines and money in order to travel to different areas, and money for security because we have found ourselves in some dangerous places and situations trying to rescue them.