About MySafeHaven55

My Safe Haven is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and our mission is focused on trafficking, housing for them and the elderly, and low income citizens. We have partnered with the Detroit Land Bank with the purpose of purchasing houses and lots in the District 4 area for this purpose. Our focus will be the properties behind the city airport off Outer Drive and Gratiot simply because focusing on this area will bring businesses back to the city in that area, encourage a revamp of the city airport because of the effort and strides we will make in bringing the neighborhoods back. We will also target the new Chrysler plant workers and airport employees for the sale of these houses. We can reach out and bring in a Construction to help us complete our goal by rebuilding houses on some of the empty lots.

The properties first identified is between Outer Drive and Gratiot starting with Rosemary, for rehabbing and community on the vacant lots. A playground for the neighborhood children. We have written one grant in the amount of 14.5 million with a floor of $500,000. The winners will be announced in October, but in the meantime we will continue with the grant writing for minority business owners and female ran businesses, being my business partner and I are double minorities I have found several grants supporting our initiatives.

We are looking for a small team of like-minded people to join us in this opportunity to own a big part of our city, if we do not follow through and get this done after this mayor’s term the opportunity may be lost. We have partnered up with Martin Evers Missionary Baptist Church located at 11111 Whittier, and I would love for our new team to please join us on one Sunday for formal introductions. Our pastor Rev Alonzo Bell is very active in this community already, our church owns 25 properties and some are commercial. We have the Arc Center that is designated for seniors and a place for the unwed teen moms to come and study, use the computers, and they are under another project through the church known as Project Noah. So as you can see our team will be adding on to the wonderful things our church has already started.

My business partner and I are also the owners of P&L Media Promotions, LLC which will allow us to advertise on Comcast and local channels what we are doing along with over 20,0000 followers on social media. So are you ready to become multi-millionaires? Ok then let’s get to work and claim our piece of this big pie, Detroit and bring back the beauty it once possessed. We all will be assigned different roles after we come together and sign contracts, whatever field you are good in, or business you possess that may help us get to the next level will be greatly appreciated because if we pool our resources we can go a long way with a small amount of our own capital.

What do I mean about that, our project manager informed us that if we find 50 houses to rehab we would be able to secure those 50 properties with a deposit of $500 only. We have six months to rehab those properties, and we have people who do rehabbing and we have a team who moves into the house while rehabbing the property so the vandals can’t take what we place in the homes, it’s an extra precaution so to speak. As soon as one property is ready they move to the next.

We will work with the neighbors and encourage to go to the District manager and apply for home improvement grants, we found this out attending the community meetings which I encourage the team to continue going in order to find out about different resources and grants being offered to the different organizations in the area, and believe there are a few already in place who intercepts the grants that comes from the state and federal assistance, we want to be one of those organizations.

We then encourage the neighborhoods to form block clubs, this empower them and it opens an opportunity for future grants. This will not only help them maintain the neighborhoods but also open grant opportunities for that particular community.

Our church speak on putting our people in position to sit on the city council boards, district leader positions, etc. We must empower ourselves by putting people in position to keep the funding coming our way, and keep a watchful eye on what’s going so there will be no surprises. This is just a general idea of how we will get started and make our organization the largest and most powerful entity in the city.

I look forward to working with you in order for us to make a difference in our city.

Lue Banks – CEO

Patricia Boykins – Co-CEO My Safe Haven 501c3